The Evolution of a Living Room

Just like with the evolution of my dining room, my living room also went through many changes. These changes went hand in hand with the dining rooms changes because I prefer to have a “whole home design plan”. Meaning that all the spaces in my home relate to one another. You might notice the similarities between the living rooms and their coordinating dining rooms. I am posting more pictures of each living room so you can get a better feel for the room as a whole.

Living Room 1:

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I spent hours drawing and then painting the stencil by hand. I loved it and am kicking myself for ever painting over it. See, this is what my redecorating sickness does. For the sake of something new, it paints over beautiful, painstaking work. The gallery wall was my first foray ever into a gallery wall and while it wasn’t horrible it definitely wasn’t the best wall in the house for a gallery wall. It didn’t stay up long and eventually got moved into the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen, and it was my favorite. I really think that why I craved change was because most of this stuff was exactly the same way it had been in our last house, and I just wanted to do something different in this one. Outside of the stencil (still kicking myself) the walls in our last house had been a similar blue, with the same fabrics, and the same furniture. I had basically just recreated what I had had before and then realized I was tired of it.

Living Room 2:

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So, I painted the walls a medium gray and flip flopped the furniture arrangement. I also painted the T.V. cabinet, and bought all new fabrics for curtains and pillows. I LOVED these curtains. I cut them up and used them in Tiny and still loved them there. This was my green phase, coordinating with the green dining room. I don’t know what got me on it, but I was digging green for a bit. Of course, I couldn’t just dismiss my beloved blue, but it was paired down. This furniture arrangement was nice, and I loved having the sofa in front of the window, but it just didn’t work for us because the sofa wasn’t directly in front of the T.V. We are sofa directly  in front of the T.V. kinda people. Ain’t no shame.

Living Room 3:

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Lots of changes here. The previous furniture was nice because it was genuine leather, which is great with kids, but it wasn’t comfy at all. And since I’ve already acknowledged that we are T.V. (basically movie/netflix watching as we don’t have cable) people, we moved the furniture back to where the sofa would be directly in front of the T.V. We gave our old furniture away to a sweet sister who was moving into her first place and I bought my dream sofa. “Jordan” was a semi-custom sofa, meaning I got to choose the fabric. 😉 I chose a dark brown microfiber velvet that was as soft as butter. The cushions were foam wrapped in down and not only hugged you as you sank into them, they could constantly be “refluffed” back to their original shape. I love feather filled furniture. I would sit on Jordan, watch my show, and find myself “petting” the couch because it was just so soft.

I sewed a slipcover for the slipper chair out of the same fabric that the curtains were in; a cream linen with soft brown scrolls. The recliner was one of those purchases I knew would bug me decorating wise, but it was comfy. It rocked and reclined. It was not real leather and the fake stuff started to peal off so I covered up what I could with a blanket. Suffice it to say, I wasn’t very sad when we got rid of it. I called the front of the living room the “library”. Fancy, I know. We loved having this second table. Remember when I talked about how we lived around our dining table with our brothers and sisters in the church? Well, the kids in the church lived around this one. This was the table from the first dining room and I simply painted the chairs white because I was going through a “I don’t want my chairs to match my table” phase. It was such a blessing to have room for us all.

I adored the lamps on either side of the sofa (Target) and found the small green “telephone” table at a thrift store. It wasn’t out on the floor yet, but I saw it in the donation pile and asked about it. The worker initially told me it would be listed for $100 dollars, since it was from Italy (stamped by the maker), but I got her down to $40. A lot for a thrift store table, I know, but it was from Italy! And I really, really wanted it. I gave it to my mother-in-law when we moved into the RV. I found some Martha Stewart handles for $1 each at the same thrift store and replaced the round ones that had been on the coffee table. The drawers opened from both sides and there was tons of storage in it. I also found a Norman Rockwell book at that thrift store (thinking back, that was a really good thrift store) and I cut out some of the pages that had copies of his paintings and framed them. They were hung around the mirror. I love the colors, textures, and playfulness of his paintings.

There you have it. Three different versions of one living room. The third is my favorite because I believe it best represents me. It wasn’t matchy, but all the pieces had fun together. I loved that it didn’t look like I had copied something out of a magazine, but had drawn from within myself to create a space for our family, both immediate and spiritual. I loved that it looked like a real family lived there. A real, imperfect family. So, which space is your favorite?

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  • Shea
    February 9, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    The first is my favorite! I couldn’t believe you painted over that wall either!! Lol Even the opposite wall when you did chevron print behind the tv. Crazy thing is I think you had even more changes than these 3 living rooms!

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