The Last Day of May

Y’all. I have so many things that I want to share with you, but so little time and energy to pour into making each thing it’s own post so I’ve finally broken down and decided that for Love, Bridget to live right now she’s gonna have to look a little different.

I’m just gonna share what’s on my heart and it will probably be a messy mixture of lots of different, little things, but hey, it’s something. And because I love lists it’s gonna be in list form.

1. RC and I bought a family sized bag? box? of Oreos last Friday while we were grocery shopping for our Memorial Day cookout. We have significantly reduced the amount of sugar we eat, but we still like to have a treat occasionally. Well, our Memorial plans changed to Saturday last minute and we ended up having to fix our house (see #2) on Monday and we just now opened the bag? box? of Oreos for the first time this evening. IT’S WEDNESDAY, Y’ALL! We had Oreos in our house for 6 days before any of us ate one. This is evidence of the lessening of the sugar grip on the Babione family and I am thrilled! If we can do it, anyone can!

2. Our toilet came unbolted from the floor of the RV and every time you tried to wipe it almost tipped over. This wasn’t a huge deal for four of our family members who do most of their bathroom business standing up, but for two of us, it was frustrating. Saturday afternoon, while I did some Sisters Print Shop work with Carrie and Alison (new prints coming out tomorrow!), RC set to fixing the toilet. He spent half of the day figuring everything out and fixing it. So we thought. Saturday evening while we were cooking out with said Sisters and their families, Carrie noticed that there was water on our bathroom floor. Not cool. We put down a towel and decided to tough it out till Monday bc RC works all day Sunday. When I got home from the radio station on Sunday there was even more water and it had started to stink. Super not cool.

RC got up first thing Monday morning and set to work figuring out the problem. Of course, we had assumed the worst, but when he got everything taken back apart, he discovered that the seal had been knocked out of place and just needed to be repositioned. Unfortunately, all the water had seeped under the vinyl planks we had put down so we ended up replacing almost all the flooring in the toilet closet. We had just enough extra pieces we had kept “just in case” to replace it all. I actually think the floor looks even better than when we laid it the first time. RC also went ahead and replaced the seal with a new one and now our toilet closet feels all new and shiny. Win!

3. For years now I’ve been going three days between washing my hair. This means I wash it on day one, wear it day two and three, and then start the process again. For the past month or so, I’ve been stretching that out to a four day wash cycle and my goal is to get to a five day wash cycle. I know some of y’all probably think that’s gross, but whatever. My hair is naturally curly, also known as naturally dry and frizzy, and washing it just dries it out even more.

On day one I wash, blow dry (after it has air dried for a bit), and straighten my hair. Day two I’m usually able to just brush it through and it’s still good to go from day one. I might need to straighten a few areas, but not much. Day three I curl my hair with my 1.5 inch curling iron. Day four I either do a ponytail or I’ve been doing a french twist using spin pins. These things are brilliant y’all, they’re like bobby pins on steroids.

4. Finally, the three families that moved to Austin last year are hosting a conference in Austin this July. It’s for people who are interested in pursuing the Lord and His Eternal Purpose no matter the cost. Milt Rodriguez and Jon Zens are our special guests and most of the sessions will be very interactive. You can find out more about it here and I am really looking forward to spending a weekend with saints as we pursue Jesus Christ.

Welp, that’s all for now. Look for a post highlighting the new prints in the print shop tomorrow sometime.



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