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Touch Up Paint

Now that all the major painting is done in the RV it doesn’t make sense to keep big paint cans around, taking up so much of our precious space. I decided to use some ball jars to keep a small amount of each paint for touch ups. I simply poured some paint into each jar and then used a sharpie to label each lid with the paint color, maker, and finish.


I stored our big roller and tray in our storage unit and only kept a small roller and tray and a couple of small paint brushes. I use craft sticks to stir the paint whenever I need to touch up something. I have some spray paint as well, but as soon as I finish a few projects, those will no longer be needed. I also have some sandpaper, painters tape, left over wall paper, and one jar has wall paper paste in it. I have cut the amount of space that paint supplies took up in our rig by at least 75%.

Do you keep touch up paint around? How do you store yours?

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