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What $120 of Groceries Looks Like IRL (Wk. 2)

Before we discuss week 2, I need to round out week 1.

I did end up going back to the grocery store two more times last week. First, to buy more pizza supplies because we decided we wanted to invite people over and feed them as well. Then, I went back the next day, because the pizza took up all the cheese and I needed to buy more for Isaac’s lasagna. I didn’t keep track of the cost of these purchases, but I would guestimate they added another $30 at most to our grocery bill.

Because of buying lots of birthday food, we had lots still left over to contribute to this week. I have already been back to the grocery store once, though, and I expect to go back one more time, so the receipt in the picture above isn’t a complete reflection of our grocery bill this week. I’ll explain as I go.

Breakfast $12:

  • corn pops $3.50
  • apple jacks $3.50
  • coffee creamer $2.18
  • milk $2.38
  • TOTAL $11.56


I forgot the creamer in this picture.

Here’s the thing about our breakfasts: we actually measure out the cereal. I know, what a chore. But we need the cereal to last, and with three teenage boys, one box would be gone in a day. Seriously. I buy enough servings for all six of us for one week. This past week, we did have some leftover birthday dessert for one breakfast. =)









Yes, the Fruit Loops were from last week, but that post was so long, I decided to talk about it in this one.

Lunch $20:

  • peanut butter $3.88
  • cheese slices $3.27
  • frozen pizzas $5.00 (5 for $5.00 deal)
  • tomato $1.47
  • eggs $1.04
  • bread $2.64 (3 @ $.88ea)
  • TOTAL $17.30


I forgot the frozen pizzas and tomato in this picture.

Right now, we have the same options for lunch every day. Either a peanut butter sandwich, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a ham/turkey sandwich, an egg sandwich, or a grilled cheese sandwich. I bought a tomato for my grilled cheese sandwiches. Also, because RC and I enjoy a lunch date every Friday, I try to purchase something fun for the kids to eat on Friday as well. The frozen pizzas are their fun lunch this week.

Snack $12:

  • popcorn $4.58 (2 @ $2.29ea)
  • apples $2.48
  • bananas $1.88
  • TOTAL $8.94


I always buy apples and bananas. If I had more money I would also buy another fruit each week that would change. I also only buy one snack food each week. That means that everyday this week, we will be having popcorn for snack. Last week was goldfish. Next week will be something different. Instead of having lots of different snacks around the house all at once, we do one snack at a time until it is gone. Living in an RV, we don’t really have room for lots of different food, but this also ensures that we eat the food that we buy.

Dinner $56:

  • pizza crust $3.38
  • mozzarella cheese $1.97
  • bbq sauce $1.68
  • red potatoes $2.79
  • chicken legs $3.82
  • pancake mix $4.98
  • syrup $2.19
  • milk $2.38
  • beef sausage $2.50
  • frozen veggies $1.28
  • black beans $1.18
  • corn bread mix $.52
  • sour cream $1.48
  • pasta $2.00 (2 @ $1.00ea)
  • parmesan cheese $1.97
  • butter $3.48
  • garlic powder $1.99
  • heavy cream $2.34
  • brown rice $1.18
  • extra sharp cheddar $2.22
  • TOTAL $45.03


I forgot the pizza crusts in this picture.

OK, so I’m not doing so good at remembering to post to instagram or to get all the items in the pictures. Heavens. Honestly, concerning instagram, by dinner I’m done with “work”. So it just doesn’t cross my mind. I’m gonna share the meals I’ve planned here this week, instead of pictures of them prepared on instagram, and we’ll see how that goes. In the list above the picture, I’ve tried to group the ingredients together and in order of days.

We eat four meatless meals a week. That means I only plan three meals with meat. This is mainly to keep costs low, but also because we don’t need as much protein as we think we do. We also get it from lots of other places than just meat. Also, to help me meal plan, I try to set an average price for our dinners of $8. This is why my dinner budget is $56. As you’ll see below some dinners are a little more and some are a little less. If I had more money the average would be $10 per meal, and I would buy lots more veggies.

  1. Saturday: we ate hot dogs at a party thrown by the RV park we are staying at. $0
  2. Sunday: we ate pizza. I had leftover pizza sauce and toppings from Micaiah’s birthday dinner and some cheese. All I needed to buy was pizza crust and mozzarella. I make two pizzas and we each get two pieces. We aren’t stuffed on pizza, but everyone is well fed. $5.35
  3. Monday: bbq chicken legs and mashed potatoes. This is one of the cheapest ways to feed the need for meat, and I use half the red potatoes for this. Plus, who doesn’t love food cooked on the grill? $6.90
  4. Tuesday: Pancakes. I LOVE * Kodiak Cakes (we get the protein packed one) and highly recommend them. They come in many different varieties including gluten free. They aren’t at all grocery stores though, so the link above is for Amazon if you can’t find it at your store. If I had a little more money I would buy real maple syrup, but you gotta do what you gotta do. We will drink milk with this, hence needing more milk this week, so I’m gonna add the extra $2.38 here. $9.55
  5. Wednesday: Crock pot sausage, potatoes, and veggies. I just chunk the potatoes (other half of red potatoes) and sausage up and throw everything into the crock pot. Couldn’t be easier. $5.18
  6. Thursday: black beans and cornbread. Also made in crockpot. Here’s the recipe I use, it doesn’t require soaking the beans. I already have the onion and the spices. I just realized I forgot the green chilies. I’ll get those when I get more milk. Gonna be around $1 so I’ll go ahead and add that here. I’m also adding the sour cream here because we all have it on our beans. I’ll also need one egg and 1/3c milk for the cornbread, but since I’ve included those elsewhere, I’m not counting them here. $4.18
  7. Friday: Chicken Alfredo. I just realized that I bought 2 extra meals. Sometimes if I have a lot of food around the house, I’ll just buy meals to go with the food. I make the alfredo sause with butter, heavy cream, parmesan, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. It is so good. I have 2lbs of chicken left over from last week that I’m gonna use for this. $9.17 (I took the butter price of $3.48 and divided it by 4 since I’ll only be using 1 stick for this recipe, therefore I added $.87 for the butter, though I added the whole $1.99 for the garlic powder, even though I won’t use but a little.)
  8. Saturday: Cheesy Rice and Broccoli: I already have some frozen broccoli that I forgot to use last week. I’ll use milk and butter for this as well, though I’m only adding $.44 for 1/2 a stick of butter. $3.84

Dessert/extras $10:

  • beer $8.00
  • chips $3.68
  • TOTAL $11.68


We didn’t intend on buying this, but RC and I were out running errands yesterday, and he had a hankering for more beer and I wanted some chips. Go figure. This isn’t included on the receipt pictured above.

We didn’t really need dessert food this week, as we are still eating birthday desserts and candy.

Toiletries $10: (didn’t take a pic of this)

  • napkins $3.27

I do want to clarify what I consider toiletries. Only things we truly need and use up quickly goes into this category. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, lotion, mouthwash, feminine products, deoderant, face wash, face lotion, trashbags, toiletpaper, napkins, dish soap, sponges, cleaning supplies, etc. My makeup and hair color do not go in this category.

Our total for this week should wind up somewhere around $105. Plus, because I bought extra meals, I’ll need less for next week. I might be able to make a small dent in our birthday week overage.

I don’t really know what else to tell you about. These posts end up really long, and I worry that it all just becomes white noise to you. I hope that it is at least kinda clear, and if it’s not, just ask any questions you have in the comments. I’ll do my best to explain things.

*Amazon link is affiliate.

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