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Where the Kids Sleep

I’m finally taking the time to show you how our four kids sleep in our fifth wheel. What is unique about our situation is that we don’t have a bunk house RV. At one time I was convinced that was what we needed, but now I am so grateful for what we have instead. Even the kids agree that having more living space during the day is better than having a bunk room at night.

The kids rotate who sleeps where so that everyone gets a chance on the daybed and making beds at night and in the morning has just become part of life.

I did go through a season earlier this year where I had a strong desire for my kids to have real beds, to not sleep on sofas and the floor. However, as I turned to the Lord about it I felt Him show me that my desire wasn’t for beds, but for what they respresent: rest, safety, comfort, warmth. And I saw that He has the same desire for His own children. That they would know (by experience) Him as the true rest, safety, comfort, and warmth.

My prayer then became that my children would come to know Christ as their true rest and comfort, and that all of God’s children would experience the reality of Christ as comfort and rest as well.

A couple of things about the video: Micaiah is typically the last one putting her bed together as she tends to move the slowest, especially in the morning. =) Also, I did speed the video up, because no one needs to spend that much of their life watching my kids make their beds. =)


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