Living Big, Small

Why We Chose to Live Tiny

Tiny houses are all the rage right now. Television shows, magazines, books, companies that build tiny houses are popping up everywhere. After years of McMansions, Americans are now becoming enthralled with just the opposite. So, is that why we decided to sell 75% of our belongings and move into roughly 200sq. feet? Because we were intrigued by this idea of living with less? Because we thought it would be a neat life experience? Because we were bored with our life the way it was, and wanted to try something different?

Heavens, no.

It was something much more simple than any of that. Jesus asked something of us, and this was the way we could practically obey His call.

In September of 2013 we began sensing a change coming on. We were becoming more and more settled in Gainesville, and decided maybe it was time to begin the process of buying a house. Because we fully believe that the mind of Christ is found in His Body, we sat down with some of our brothers and sisters and shared with them our thoughts and plans. We asked them to pray with us, and help us find the Lord’s mind.

The truth is that most of them were unsettled by the idea of us buying a house. They couldn’t really explain why, but something within them felt off with that direction. However, while we look to others for help, they don’t get to make our decisions for us. The night we met with our brothers and sisters, the Lord made it very clear to me that we wouldn’t be in our townhouse another year. But what I did with that direction was to then add my own ideas on to it. If we weren’t going to renew our lease on the townhouse, then we must be headed toward buying a house. Right?

We got our preapproval and put an offer on the first house. We were outbid. We found another house, not quite as nice as the first one but doable, and our offer was accepted. We went through the inspections successfully, but then our agent called. One initial had been missed on the foreclosure papers and now they were going to have to go through the whole foreclosure process again. We weren’t willing to wait 6 months for a house we weren’t head over heals in love with.

During this whole process, our brothers and sisters were still uncomfortable with this direction. We were still sharing with them as we went along, but they couldn’t shake their discomfort. The search continued and we found a third house. We submitted an offer only to discover that the bank wouldn’t be considering any offers for at least a week. We finally started to see the light.

We decided to take the week and focus on the Lord. Through spending time with Him and some circumstances He worked, we realized that He didn’t desire for us to buy a house. Not right then, anyway. We had a strong sense that the Lord was asking us to move someplace new and be a part of establishing His Home there. When we shared this new development with our brothers and sisters that were praying with us there was a resounding “Yes!” The Spirit within them was confirming the Spirit in us.

It took some weeks for the Lord’s full desire to be revealed. Each step of new light was given in the Lord’s timing. We finally were sure that the Lord desired for us to spend a season with Milt and Mary Rodriguez, training to work with churches. The catch was this: Milt and Mary only spend an average of six months with a church. They live in an RV and travel from church to church. Why? Because their desire is to build a church on the foundation of Jesus Christ alone and teach the church to function with Jesus Christ as the head. No one man. No small group of men. (or women) If they were to stay, ultimately the church would look to them, not Christ. Which meant that we couldn’t stay either.

R.C. was the one who had the idea of getting an RV. I didn’t like it at first, and couldn’t see how it could possibly work. Not surprisingly, a family that had taken a year off to travel around the U.S. in an RV happened to be stopping through Gainesville for a few days. We knew each other through the church and they graciously invited us to check out their RV lifestyle. I was beginning to be swayed.

We took the kids to an RV show in a town close by and then they began to be swayed. We began the process of finding our RV. We looked at a few, but nothing was seeming right. We wanted something small enough to be towed by a 1/2 ton, and cheap enough to pay for with the cash we had in savings, which wasn’t a lot. Then I found Tiny on Craigslist and somehow I knew this was the one. Despite the fact that she was even smaller than I had expected our RV to be, something about her felt right. RC agreed. We went and looked at her in person and the deal was made. We had our home.

We didn’t choose the RV lifestyle because we wanted to travel and see the world. We chose it because it allowed us to obey what the Lord had asked of us. Have there been sacrifices to living in a RV? Without a doubt. Have there been blessings to living in a RV? There are always blessings to being obedient to the Lord. There is nothing special about living in an RV, and because of the tiny house craze and rising number of fulltime families it is more socially acceptable than it once was. What is special is following the Lord no matter the cost. Even when almost every aspect of our lives is changed because of it.

The Great Adventure isn’t living in an RV, and moving every 6-9 months. The Great Adventure is surrendering everything to Jesus Christ, and finding yourself a part of His Glorious Purpose. The Great Adventure is available to everyone, everywhere. Right now.

Are you interested in knowing what the Lord’s Purpose is? Have you begun to discover it and want to know more? Here are two books that have greatly helped me in seeing more and more of the Eternal Purpose of God. And there are plenty of reviews to read if I haven’t convinced you yet.

Disclosure: the links above are Amazon affiliate links meaning that if you choose to click through and purchase one or both of these books, I will receive a small commission. This is one way we support the work of establishing churches, and I never suggest products I haven’t personally benefited from. Thanks so much for your help!

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  • Heidi Kinney
    February 22, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Thanks, Bridget. I needed the reminder…and the confirmation of why we’re selling it all and tossing our 4 children in an RV. Matthew 5 is all He has given me so far. Salt & light. Not sure exactly how He wants to use us, but we’re praying (maybe not as much as we should recently), waiting and walking in faith…into what, we don’t yet know. But we know the One who does. Thanks again. God’s blessings, sister.

    • Bridget
      February 23, 2016 at 7:43 am

      Heidi, I’m so glad the Lord encouraged you through these words. Yes! We know the One who knows and as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, He guides us. I trust you will experience the Lord’s grace and peace as you continue to walk in obedience. Blessings too, dear sister!

  • Adrienne
    March 12, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    Hi, Bridget – I just ‘discovered’ you! I’m SO thrilled to read your words here and learn more of your story. Following Jesus is the only way to go. My hubby and I are retired but caring for my 93-year-old mother so we’re not free to go far. We are exactly where God has called us to be right now but we have a strong sense that we will be spending much time in our RV and following His leading in some ministry in the future. This is the only way to live, isn’t it? I will be back to read more of what you have to share. I love what you’ve done with your RV. We recently upsized with a new-to-us trailer. I’m just starting the decorating process. You are a big inspiration!

    • Bridget
      March 13, 2016 at 11:06 pm

      It is so nice to virtually meet you! Jesus is definitely the only way to go. Following Him is the only way to live. Enjoy decorating your new rig!!

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